Best Places to Live in Phoenix

Several places in Phoenix and its neighborhood cities offer a nice and scenic place to unwind also take a tour and do some interesting activities. Phoenix is not only known for its nice and amazing places, but also its best work place to work with its large top companies that spread in the city and of course, it is also ideal place to live to raise a family with. Many people chose to live in Phoenix area because of its nice environment and friendly amenities, easy access of transportation, and several reputable school nearby these suburbs. But where are these top places to live with?
Learn more about Phoenix’s ideal places to raise your family and have a good living.



Litchfield Park is a suburb of Phoenix AZ, and just located in Maricopa county AZ. Well, these suburbs is one of the best places in Phoenix area with this 82 percentage of residents who owned their own house and an 18% is just renting that would be an evidence that it is ideal place to live. In fact, it is rank 4 of the best Suburbs to buy in Arizona and rank 6th of the best suburbs to live in and has a low of crime rate compare to other places. So what to say then? Aside from that, Litchfield Park has its best private and public school nearby and just few km away to top views and spots.

Queen Creek
Sounds like living on a side creek? That would a funny thought but Queen Creek is small town in Maricopa county Phoenix area Yes, It’s a small town yet a comfortable place with a nice and safe environment as well. Queen creek is rank 4th to raise a family in Arizona and low percent of crime rate based on violent and property crime rates. Quite nice, isn’t it? Actually Queen Creek is a rural farming area and has been grows and develop as years pass and a perfect place to live and to raise a family.


It’s not the national Anthem but the small town in Phoenix that is located in central downtown Phoenix which is ideal to live. Anthem is a small suburb in Phoenix that has numerous of residence which own their properties compare to those 25% of renting a house. The Anthem has a ranking of 5th suburbs to raise a family and live according to U.S. census. This small town has fully developed as well with its shopping malls, grocery and convenience store that are spread all over the town and parks to enjoy some activities. There are great elementary, middle and high schools for your kid’s education.

There are still many great places to live in Phoenix like carefree suburbs, Fountain hill, which is just located outside of Phoenix metro area, Paradise Valley which is the richest suburbs in Phoenix and many more to name. Choose what fits on your taste and lifestyle and of course of what’s convenience to your family.